THE GLITCH MOB-May 23-The Roseland

Written by on May 20, 2015

Glitch Mob

EDM lovers put on your crop tops and and come together- The Glitch Mob is coming! Los Angeles electronic triad (edIT- Edward Ma), Boreta (Justin Boreta) and Ooah (Josh Mayer), The Glitch Mob will be rolling into Portland’s Roseland Theater Saturday May 23. They’ll be coming directly from preforming in Vancouver, BC the night of the 22. They’ve been busy at work in the studio since touring for their 2014 Love Death Immortality album, which, even though released to the public for free, reached number 13 on the Billboard Charts, and came out as number 1 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Charts. Hopefully they’ll have crafted some exciting new beats for fans to enjoy.


With music that demands to be performed on stage, The Glitch Mob will be putting on a wild show using their huge custom-made stage instrument The Blade. This mesh of lights, software, sound equipment and rotor-like blades is unique in the world, custom made for the group by movie set designers in 2014 for the tour of their second album. In the group’s words “It’s bigger, badder, and more fun”. “[There was] nothing out there off the shelf that we could buy to play our music like we wanted to…we had to have it custom made”.


I’ll be looking forward to Drive It like You Stole it- a song off the Drink The Sea, their first album released in 2010. It’s the ultimate nighttime empty road driving song.


The Glitch Mob is often compared to electro god Bassnectar, (San Francisco DJ Lorin Ashton), as well as PANTyRAiD and Pretty Lights. In fact the group performed together at the playa with Bassnectar at Burning Man in 2006.


Rolling Stone said about their Coachella performance -“Day one [Coachella] saw Glitch Mob absolutely destroy with dayglo synths, speaker-bursting low end and relentless beat barrages, not to mention face melting, arena-ready visuals.” So it’s bound to be a wild ride and a great performance. Hope to see you all there with your hands in the air.







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