The Devil Makes Three

Written by on February 4, 2014

The devil came to town on Friday!! The Devil Makes Three that is! It was a sold out show at the Crystal Ballroom on Friday night. I have never been to a show at the CB that was sold out. Holy moly was it hot in there!
Why was it so full? The Devil Makes Three are a three piece Americana band from Santa Cruz, CA. They are touring to promote their fourth studio album ‘I’m a Stranger Here.’ The Brothers Comatose opened up for DMT, another great Americana band from California.
Americana music doesn’t use a drummer, they use a stand up bass, and multiple other stringed instruments to create the bass and impact. Banjos, mandolins, guitars and basses all add to the magic! The music is easy to dance to, demands that you clap and stomp along with them and leaves you beautifully satisfied! As my good friend put it ‘It’s soul music, it leaves you full and satisfied.’ Amen.





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