Take ‘Couver 5/10/16 – They Still Make New Ambient?

Written by on May 13, 2016

Today we come to you from the cutting edge! Well, sort of. Ambient music has a long history at this point, going back to minimalist composers and, of course, the theories posited in the 1970s by Brian Eno. But that doesn’t mean the genre’s stale! There’s still plenty of good ambient/drone/atmospheric music being made nowadays, and while breakthroughs aren’t as common as they’re bound to be when a genre’s young, they still happen. Today, we look at a couple examples of new music that falls within our purview here on Take ‘Couver.

First, we have Julianna Barwick. She just released her fourth album of airy, atmospheric compositions. Her songs tend to be constructed around light loops of her own or others’ voices, but often with tasteful complementary instrumentation. We did look back a short distance to the second song from her previous album, but it’s quite indicative of her lovely aesthetic.

She can't smile with her mouth open because her voice will melt people like Cyclops' eyeballs

We also featured three of our ol’ reliable artists. First, Brian Eno also has new music out this week, and it comes in the form of his glorious return to both ambient composition and singing. The Ship (from which we played the title track) is a beautiful and haunting piece that ruminates on the experience and legacy of the Titanic. The Knife, who blazed trails pretty much throughout their entire existence, were kind enough to leave us with the song “Seeds” from their brilliant electronic opera based on the life of Charles Darwin. It’s a thrill. Finally, Matmos close us out with some lovely pastoral sounds from the heart of their third album.

Then there is a little surprise. I’ll tell you it’s new, but I won’t spoil that one for you. Besides, it’s just sitting down there in the playlist anyway, staring you right in the face if you so choose.





  • The Harbinger
    Julianna Barwick
  • The Ship
    Brian Eno
    The Ship
  • Bittern
    Dersu EP
  • Seeds
    The Knife, in Collaboration With Mt. Sims and Planningtorock
    Tomorrow, in a Year
  • For the Trees
    The Civil War

  • Show Notes & Show Blogs


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