Stumpfest IV Preview and Jim Lowder interview

Written by on April 23, 2015

Tonight marks the 4th anniversary of Portland’s favorite metal fest Stumpfest. The love child of Rynne and Sara Stump. Here is a great interview with Rynne:

The lineup is always killer, the bands love playing the fest and Mississippi Studios is a great venue. It all adds up to a festival that shouldn’t be missed by metal lovers. I’ll be tabling Thursday and Friday night at KPSU’s table so come say hi to the Rocket Queen!

Here is Thursday’s podcast ad musical preview:

I interviewed Norska’s frontman and one of my friends, Jim Lowder about the festival and here’s what he had to say.


Has Norska played since Stumpfest’s inception?

We sure have, Jess. It’s the best of times. When so many musicians, artists, friends, and family come together to enjoy each other for a few days, the result is powerful. Rynne and Sara Stump have crafted and carry an event which reflects their boundless energies. It comes at the time of year when life is spilling out all around us, which makes perfect sense.


Does Norska have a new album coming out this year?

All signs point to yes. We are currently immersed in recording a new record. It sounds like what we want to hear, so I think it’s going well. Our friends at Portland’s own Eolian Empire have said they’ll put it out if we ever finish the thing. I’m guessing it’ll release in time for the leaves to change.


Have you played in bands with any of the other band’s members (that question is worded awkwardly!)?

Sure. You know what they say… when you play in a band with someone, you’re playing with everyone they’ve ever played with, so there’ve been a lot of creative fluids transferred over the years.

All the bands before Norska were just practice, though.


Who is your favorite band to watch in this years line up?

That would be tough to nail down even if I were capable of picking favorite. Each band is an experience of its own, and my brain processes it that way. One of my favorite things about shows is getting to see/hear something new to me. I have to get in there early and catch supporting bands. I’ve been blown away by opening bands too many times to miss out. It’s such a terrible feeling to get into a show and hear folks gushing about great #####‘s set was, while I was off somewhere destroying a cheeseburger. To answer the question: the show. The show is my favorite.


Who are you excited to hear?

I like everyone on the bill. A number of the bands playing this year are among my favorite people and most heavily rotated records to be played loud, which is a combination that makes for some really great rock show times for this guy. I’m looking forward to Lecherous Gaze, Rajas, and Muscle and Marrow, whom I haven’t been able to see until this year’s fest.


What’s your drink of choice at metal shows?

I drink quite a bit of water at shows. Sometimes I treat myself to a nice soda pop. I like root beer. I’ll bring a nice bottle of bourbon along to share with friends on occasion. I am a fan of the craft brews as well. If I have a pub burger and fries, I drink the left over ranch out of the little plastic cup. I do what I want.


What’s your one, favorite and most prized vinyl?

This is one of those things that changes by the moment. I have so much stuff that I, of course, believe to be monumentally radical. Today it was Iron Maiden’s The Trooper 45, which has their killer version of Jethro Tull’s Cross Eyed Mary on the B-side. It’s fun to listen to. BySunday, once I’ve acquired a fresh stack from the festivities and travels this week, it could be anything.


I know you don’t feel guilty about the music you like but do you have a favorite ‘guilty pleasure’/what do you sing at the top of your lungs in the car?

I do a lot of singing in my automobile. It’s a great place for it. I’ll get the ball rolling with some Tears for Fears or Colin Hay/Men at Work. If I’m feeling limber I’ll squeal through some Supertramp. Sometimes, when I’m in a particular mood, I’ll drop mad rhymes with House of Pain or Cypress Hill, because I’m so super street.


Do you oil your beard?

My beard oils me.





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