Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish

Written by on December 18, 2011

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish concert at the Wonder Ballroom. Unfortunately I was having some car trouble, so I arrived at the show a tad late. I was unable to catch the first band, but I did listen to tail end of Lionize’s set. They definitely set the mood right for the night. They were your classic, feel-good ska band. Their sound is a lot like Reel Big Fish, perfect for skanking.
Streetlight was the first headliner to play, and they lived up to all of my expectations, and I’m pretty sure the majority of the people at the show would have to agree with me. They put on an amazing set, including my personal favorite song, “A Better Place, A Better Time” from the album Everything Goes Numb. Everyone around me knew practically every lyric to every song they played, and they sung along with a huge smile on their face. The venue turned into a sauna from all the movement.
Reel Big Fish ended the show with their usual up-beat, entertaining set. Even though most were exhausted beyond belief from Streetlight’s set, that didn’t stop them from continuing the dance party that Reel Big Fish started. It’s practically impossible to not dance while seeing this band live. They too put a smile on everyone’s face. One of my favorite parts about seeing Reel Big Fish live is watching everyone laughing and singing to their friends about how they “hate [their] guts, and [they] think [they] suck” with their arms around each other.
Streetlight and Reel Big Fish especially put on a wonderful show together. They are two different kinds of ska that compliment each other very well. Streetlight has a very prevalent element of punk in their music, making the mosh pit the place to be. While Reel Big Fish is the kind of ska that you can’t help but skank to all night long. It’s safe to say that this concert was one of my favorites.





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