RuPaul's Drag Race Battle of the Seasons

Written by on February 11, 2014

Rupaul’s collection of fierce bitches gathered at the Crystal Ballroom on Wednesday. As expected, there was lots of sequins, cake makeup and FABULOUS performances!

The night opened with Alaska Thunderfuck performing her sasstastic “Your makeup is TERRIBLE!” Here is a clip of her performing it in LA:

Next came Carmen Carrera lip syncing Tony Braxton’s “All I Want” wearing a Britneyesque rinestoned nude jumpsuit. Every queen has their specialty, their talent. Carmen’s is that she’s drop DEAD gorgeous and astoundingly sexy. She has applied to be a Victoria’s Secret angel, she’d be the first transgender angel in history. CNN did a story on her modeling career here.

Detox came to the stage next Lip syncing a dance mix of “Wind Me Up” in black light. She came out into the crowd to the delight of us all.

Manila Luzon strutted her way through a performance of Gaga’s “Venus” while dressed in her space monkey outfit from her season on RDR.

The crowd favorite is the always hilarious Pandora Boxx. Her first performance started off with a stand up act and her song was one of her own creation! “Cooter” is a song about needing a cooter to get a straight boy home. Everyone loves a song about luscious labia!

Ivy Winters was my favorite performer of the night. She seems to have some circus training. She did her first act on stilts while dancing with a costume change!! The songs she chooses always have a deeper meaning and her performances are always captivating.

Sharon Needles is the punk rock/goth/edgiest queen i’ve ever seen and she pulls it off devilishly well. She performed a song she wrote called “Call me on the Ouija board.” She rose out of a coffin and had a queen of darkness outfit on that made me jealous!

Detox and William are another hilarious set of bitches. They did a little stand up and then performed their creative Chick-fil-A protest song “Chow down.”

Second set time!

Alaska performed a second song of her own creation “Ru Girl” is a song about becoming famous from Ru’s drag race! She reminds me of Lady Gaga when she performs.
Pandora Performed an inspired mash-up of Harry Potter quotes and witch songs. She had a Gryffindor corset on!
The nights host & drag queen judge Michelle Visage performed a great cover of “Good to Mama.”
Manila performed something boring.
Detox came on with another black light backdrop. She played in glowing paint to Savage Skulls & Douster Ft. Robyn “Bad Gal.”
This song is great:

Ivy did another stunning performance dressed like maleficent. She juggled knives while snow fell around her.

Sharon Needles closed out her night with a highly artistic statement about how it feels to be different in society.
Wearing a full witch prosthetic head piece she almost brought me to tears with her song about everyday being Halloween.

The ladies ended on a hilarious high note with Detox and William coming out to do their song “Boy is a bottom.”

I was so impressed with all of the Ru Girls at this performance. They went above my expectations.





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