Review: Tessa Violet at Theater of The Clouds on October 1st

Written by on October 5, 2019

If you know anything about Tessa Violet it is that her music is incredibly authentic.  You feel as though her music was written in a place where she was emotionally vulnerable. On stage this feeling isn’t lacking. She starts off each song with an introduction, lending some insight to younger fans, or people who came to see main act AJR as to what she was thinking when she wrote it.

Tessa Violet – “Bad Ideas”

On stage is a simple three-piece band. Tessa plays the guitar, occasionally on more difficult leads a recording comes in so she can focus on singing, she has an incredibly lively and energetic rhythm section with a bombastic drummer pushing the beat along and a bassist rhythmically to himself on the side. Tessa has a wonderful voice but tends to hide it with something in between spoken word and singing. When she lets herself sing it is very soft and beautiful.

Tessa Violet – “I like (the idea of) You”

She starts off the set with a ton of energy and excitement and while there is a lull in the middle with ‘Make Me a Robot’; she quickly thanks the audience for letting her express herself and gets the audience back with some great stage presence. That I believe was the shining star of the show, while she may develop some more antics and use of the stage, she does an excellent job at making the audience feel connected with her. Most shows I go to have people trickle in for the opening act, but Tessa had most in the seats and enjoying what felt like an intimate experience with a couple thousand people. Her personal touch made me feel like I could call her Tessa in a review despite only spending 30 minutes with her in the same auditorium.





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