Review: Saint Motel at Roseland Theater on March 4th

Written by on March 6, 2020

Creative through and through – Saint Motel put on much more than a pop show: they created a theatrical performance and cinematic experience that doesn’t compare to any other concert I have ever seen. LED displays projected sequences of film on stage, enhancing the visual experience of the night. An audio commentary announced the different stages of the evening and Saint Motel were playing with these announcements to interact with their audience. Lead singer A.J. Jackson was wearing multiple costumes throughout the show. He started the evening in a mountaineer’s jacket, eventually wearing dictator’s attire and later a full-body astronaut outfit.

Saint Motel – “Van Horn”

While that might sound like a lot, the band did a great job tying everything into a round and professional performance. Their music fit all these different images extremely well and their show remained concert first, all other aspects second. A fun observation to make, given towards the end one could watch A.J. Jackson float in his astronaut’s outfit over the audience, sitting in an inflatable dinghy with flashing lights to its sides.

Saint Motel – “Cold Cold Man”

It seems safe to say the band is not afraid of trying something new. Only in October of last year, they have released part one of a three part series they call The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. One of the tracks on the EP is “Van Horn”, a catchy song with mildly strange music video which you can find embedded above. They also played the song during their concert, with Texan imagery projected on the screens and the audience dancing along happily. While the entire set kept the audience at a high energy level, the band didn’t fail to end on their highest note by producing one last bang in playing their greatest hit “My type” before leaving the stage for good. They might have left, but the melody of the song was to remain in my head for the rest of the night and the band will remain in good memory as well. A show I probably won’t forget too soon and an evening I will be happy to think back to.





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