Review: Jenny & The Mexicats at the Star Theater

Written by on November 24, 2019

Welcome, below is a special coverage of Boogie Pachanguero at the Star Theater:

Good evening everyone! We’re here this Saturday, November 23rd, at the Star Theater in downtown Portland. The show begins with Bang Data, a three piece outfit blaring in Spanish-language tunes from the Bay Area. Their music is a pure jolt of energy to start on your feet. It is energy with the feel of cumbia rhythms combined with electric tones. The audience by the stage is submerged, dancing to the beat, sure to start their evening with a full on work-out of the dancing muscles.
The band is very dynamic in their playing style. The energy is channeled in their movements and they feed it to their audience. Intentionally, the band members communicate with the people watching, keeping them involved in the dancing and singing.

Bang Data

Next up is Jenny & The Mexicats! A music outfit with 10 years of experience playing together, this is not their first time in Portland, and we’re pretty sure not their last. A band with a mix of English, Mexican and Spanish heritage, their music shows off the eclectic varieties in their inspiration. Sounds of cumbia, flamenco, jazz, rock emerge from the stage. They show off extensively their repertoire, including songs from previous and recent albums. The rhythms provide the attendees with various way to join in. There were people dancing, some singing, some observing the musical technical skills and some enjoying the musical moment surrounded by friends.
The Mexicats have a very intimate connection with the musical instruments. The front line drummer refused to have drumsticks, instead playing the cymbals and beats with his bare hands. At one point, Jenny emerged in a solo set, displaying the sound of the trumpet in all its possible combinations. They even gave renditions of classic mariachi songs, which the audience joined in full force.

Jenny and The Mexicats

It is a fun night at the Star Theater. The music gave the packed venue an memorable evening to enjoy and possible continue the dancing further into the night.





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