Review: Homeboy Sandman at Mississippi Studios on 02/02

Written by on February 3, 2020

Mic Crenshaw and Quelle Chris opened the stage for main act Homeboy Sandman from NYC at Mississippi Studios on February 2nd.

Mic Crenshaw was already on stage when we entered the venue. His necklace carried the outline of Africa, his words emotion and thoughts on everyday life in the US. We should stop looking at our phones and instead look at each other – care for another and speak up when we see something going on, is what he said. A good energetic performance. “The movement” still stuck in my head…

Mic Crenshaw: “Last of A Dying Breed: Sunlight”

Quelle Chris, the second opening act of the night entered the stage in arguably the coolest manner I have ever seen. Without saying a word, simply by moving his hand he prompted the crowd to come closer to stage. They did. And Quelle Chris played a unique set, with lots of songs about weed and good crowd-interaction.

Quelle Chris – “Buddies”

Following these two opening acts, Homeboy Sandman started his show, wearing a white sweater, cap and a calm personality. Even after throwing around lyrics in incredible pace and taking off both sweater and cap, that impression did not change. His lines are skillful, his wordplay is on point and everything he does seems to come at ease. Twice during his set, he asked his DJ to turn off the music and just kept on rapping, no need for a beat. Homeboy Sandman is a fascinating artist. I am extremely glad I had the opportunity to see him perform and I feel highly encouraged to go to more rap shows in the future. Definitely wanting to see him perform again as well!

Homeboy Sandman – “Live & Breathe”

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