Review: Hermanos Gutiérrez- Amor Profundo (2021)

Hermanos Gutiérrez released their latest single Amor Profundo on November 12, 2021. This lone track has a warm sweeping melody, steady galloping rhythm and haunting guitar that rings out as if into time itself. Each song from the two brothers comes as its own story, an invitation to sneak into the mysterious windy landscape of the southwest. To touch stones with thousand year old carvings, to find the footprints of our ancestors, in the earth or in your heart, and touch them with our bare skin. To make contact with the past. 

However, there’s something special about Amor Profundo– it pays homage to Hermanos Gutiérrez’s origin. In their bio, the brothers credited their grandfather for inspiring a love of music in them from a young age. It was one song in particular, Julio Jaramillo’s Nuestro Juramento, that their grandfather revisited with such love and nostalgia, it made a strong impression in their memory. Julio Jaramillo released a song in the early 1960’s under the same name, Amor Profundo. The nostalgic melody fills the heart with both beauty and heartfelt sorrow as Jaramillo sings of finding love, he previously thought was not possible. In that shadow of his past disillusionment, he comes to cherish the moment of love before him, yearning to secure this love forever “y olvidarnos jamás ni con la muerte”. 

Similarly, Hermanos Gutiérrez’s Amor Profundo, begins by reaching into the past with a faint bassy melody. Midway through the song, the notes ring with a brighter, more awakened cadence. After a brief pause, the slide guitar comes in the lead, like Jaramillo’s voice singing out to the end of the song. So beautiful and moving, this song speaks to why so many appreciate the brothers for not only their masterful craft but the genuine reverence they bring into their music. They remind us that notes, melodies and yearnings travel across space and time- connecting many souls from the depth of our being.

  • Written by Samantha from Blazing Heart