Review and interview: The Jungle Giants at the Doug Fir Lounge on February 21st

Written by on February 24, 2020

From face-to-face interviews I got to hold for KPSU over the last months, I have learned that Australian artists can be very inviting and open. After interviewing Ziggy Alberts in September, The Jungle Giants had already been the second group from Australia who invited me on their tourbus to record an interview. Talking to them was easy and we had a pretty good chat about Oyster-shots, scooters, artists’ life in Australia and other exciting topics. But don’t let me spoil the fun – just go ahead and give it a listen!

The Jungle Giants:
Keelan Bijker, Cesira Aitken, Andrew Dooris,
Sam Hales (front)
Photo: Jesper Hede

The opening act for the show was Little Image from Texas. The trio is on tour with The Jungle Giants and their music, drawing from heavy beats, suits The Jungle Giants’ newest album Quiet Ferocity the best, if any of their three full-length albums. It’s fair to say The Jungle Giants have undergone some change over the years, from their first album Learn To Exist over Speakerzoid to Quiet Ferocity and their newest single “Sending Me Ur Loving”. I would consider the first album indie-pop, the second alternative rock, while the newest album and single could be considered dance/electro-pop. In the end, genres are probably not even that cut-clear and in my opinion, all three of their albums are fun to listen to.

The Jungle Giants – “Sending Me Ur Loving”

During the concert, I got to talk to a long-time fan who moved to Portland from Australia. He said he liked the earlier tunes better, but The Jungle Giants are still not failing to get him to come out to their show. And it didn’t take long before he and his friends disappeared into the crowd to stand right in front of stage. Whether or not you enjoy their change in style: The Jungle Giants put on quite a show and especially their new tracks get the audience dancing. Frontman Sam seemed to have a lot of fun dancing around and interacting with the audience. At some point, he even stood among the audience to let a fan do the strumming on his guitar.

The Jungle Giants – “Heavy Hearted”

While Keelan and Andrew were giving off a good kind of calm, Cesira was just as engaged as Sam with the audience, dancing and having a little party on stage. The two of them were also talking to the audience after the show, which allowed me to have another quick chat with them before heading out.

Having known The Jungle Giants and their music only vaguely before doing the interview and seeing their show, I am extremely glad I had the opportunity to get to know them. If you would like to hear more about the experience or simply want to catch a good hour of their music, I highly recommend tuning in to Let me introduce this Friday (02/28) from 9-10am, as I am excited to dedicate the hour to The Jungle Giants!





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