Review and interview: The Amazons at Polaris Hall on February 22nd

Written by on February 24, 2020

I have seen many concerts of all kinds of genres, but I believe it is fair to say that Saturday had been my first ever rock show. Frankly, it took me a while but at least I am certain it will not be my last one because The Amazons and Dirty Honey were putting on a hell of a show! Even two days later, I have reclaimed only 50% of my usual hearing and could swear I still feel the energy, even despite a couple short nights that had followed.

The Amazons – “Mother”

A gig at an intimate venue like Polaris Hall is always prone to be a good one. Especially when you have an English band on tour, with their first two albums peaking top 10 in the UK charts and lots of experience playing on the road. While The Amazons enjoy quite the following in Europe, Australia and Asia, they are not well known in the USA and have waited a good six years after starting their journey to finally play shows on this side of the pond. I got to talk to front singer Matt on the phone (click here for the full interview) and he told me at least a few people after every show reveal to him that they have been waiting for years to see them play live. I am sure for every single one of them it was worth the wait, as The Amazons did not fail to impress.

The Amazons – “Doubt It”

During the show, Matt repeatedly pointed out that they are a rock band, playing rock music and that we as an audience must be rock fans coming to see their show. He made us sing along, often held the microphone on its stand over the crowd to get people to make some noise. All that led to an energetic atmosphere and it was easy to forget that this band was technically just an opener for the second band of the night. It seemed a fortunate one, with such an amazing band getting out of their way to reach people on this side of the world who enjoy their music. Probably only few people came explicitly to see The Amazons, but I am sure many of them will return should the band make it around another time.

The Amazons:
Chris Alderton, Matt Thomson,
Elliot James Briggs, Josef Emmett

I always had the impressions rock artists were a bit smug and not very approachable. Matt and the other members of The Amazons taught me better: they were super nice and welcoming, yet delivered an amazing rock show! I am excited to see them perform again in the future. For everyone who wasn’t able to make it out to the show and for those who want to relive that fantastic night, I highly recommend tuning in to Let me introduce next week on Friday (03/06), as I will dedicate an hour to The Amazons, including some snippets from my phone interview with Matt and experiences from seeing them live. Of course, there will be plenty of songs as well, so make sure to tune in!





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