Review and interview: Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside at Mississippi Studios on November 15th

Written by on November 16, 2019

Three bands in one night – a long, yet highly entertaining one with Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside.

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside at Mississippi Studios:
Jeff Munger, Ford Tennis, Sallie Ford, Tyler Tornfelt

What an exciting evening! Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside played their first show in a long time with their original line-up of Sallie Ford, Jeff Munger, Ford Tennis and Tyler Tornfelt. An image hard to catch these days, now that each of them follows their own path – playing in different bands, studying, working, being a father… Luckily, the band decided to reunite for an evening to play this intimate set at Mississippi Studios, accompanied by some special guests along the way…

Mike Coykendall started the evening with an entertaining solo performance, filling the room with his voice and guitar, not shy to invite the audience to dance along to some of his tunes.

The next big welcome was to Weezy Ford, Sallie’s younger sister who released her first full-length album Sugarcane the same evening. During her entire set there were artistic, slightly psychedelic videos projected on a screen in the background. Not only musically but also visually a capturing experience!

Weezy Ford during her release show for Sugarcane at Mississippi Studios,
in support of Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

When Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside started their show, it was getting pretty close to 11pm already. At a time when most shows end, their party got only started: making their way up on stage from among the audience, they greeted their home crowd like friends and family, which comes by little surprise as all band members live in Portland and probably had more than a few familiar faces show up to the concert.

Playing to their home-crowd aside – Sallie, Tyler, Jeff and Ford made an authentic impression on stage. I got to meet them at one of their band-practices only the weekend before to hold an interview with them. At both occasions, all of them appeared to me as welcoming, warm and genuine characters. Also: based on my experience from the show and interview, I will play an episode of Let me introduce on Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside only next Friday, November 22nd from 9-10am. Please tune in to listen to their music, the interview and some other thoughts and impressions I will share during the show. Also, please go ahead and listen to the full interview if you would like.

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside – “They Told Me”

Back to the concert: I had seen Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside before, at this year’s St. Johns Bizarre where they were the headliners of an open air line-up. Taking their sound inside to Mississippi Studios, it did not only become more clear that Sallies voice sounds amazing and to the point, it also showed how good every single band member is at playing their instruments.

Now, I must admit I was fighting a cold and struggled to even make it to the concert. For the time I was there, it was an amazing show and had I not been sick, I would have stayed the entire night for sure. This way, I had to take the bus home right after midnight and can’t tell the rest of the story. I’m sure they ended it on a bang but please ask your friends in town, I’m sure some of them had been there to tell you!

Especially given the band doesn’t usually play together anymore, it was a special evening. If we are lucky enought to have them happen to show up to another concert in town, I am guaranteed to go. Hopefully in better health next time, so I can stay to experience the entire party.





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