Review and Interview: Echosmith at Hawthorne Theatre on February 29th

Written by on March 1, 2020

“We’re the lonely generation!” – a line Echosmith were shouting enthusiastically at their fans, as they celebrated their new album Lonely Generation at Hawthorne Theatre in Portland as part of their current US tour. Despite some of their lyrics being quite critical observations of life, they seemed to be having a good time in a well-structured set where every little detail seemed to have been rehearsed to the spot: balloons filled with glitter flew into the audience, a tambourine landed multiple times perfectly in Sydney’s hands from the side of the stage before she threw it back there only moments later. At some point, Sydney was spinning a reflecting umbrella and the audience didn’t miss out on a camera-flashlight-interaction – basically, the show featured everything you could imagine for a successful live performance.

Echosmith – “Diamonds”

Musically, Echosmith‘s performance was on point as well. Sydney has a beautiful voice and sounds live at least as good as on the recordings. Noah was dancing around for most of the time while playing the bass and Graham had a consistent smile on his face while playing the drums. The band gave off a good energy and also took the time to introduce themselves, as well as their friend who was playing electric guitar.

Echosmith: Noah, Sydney and Graham Sierota

To me, the most intimate moment of the show must have been when Sydney sang “Everyone Cries” with only her dad accompanying her on the piano. Noah joined the song later to provide the second voice of the duet. While I had previously enjoyed listening to the song on tape, hearing it live created yet another level of goosebumps. Also, I thought it was a nice idea to bring their dad on stage, who had been a great support for the band since their very beginning.

Echosmith – “Everyone Cries”

Overall, Echosmith created a short-lived evening filled with wonderful songs. In the end, all three of them are still in their early 20s, so we can excitingly anticipate the music they are yet to put out there. Hopefully, this time it will take them less than 7 years before they will be promoting their next LP.

Until then, if you can’t get enough of the band, feel free to listen back to my phone-interview with Sydney or check out my episode of Let me introduce, dedicated to Echosmith.





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