Review and interview: Cat Clyde at the Bunk Bar on November 19th

Written by on November 21, 2019

Only shortly after Ned and I got to the Bunk Bar, Cat Clyde came in from her van to join us. She had spent 11 hours on the road that day, which made it even more special that she agreed to do the interview.

Cat Clyde at the Bunk Bar

Since the Bunk Bar doesn’t have a backroom, we found ourselves standing in some hallway (photo above) to have a little chat with Cat. She seemed to be a very genuine and kind character. When I asked her for the meaning of her song “Mama Said”, she replied she didn’t want to share the stories behind her songs, so that her listeners are not affected in their own associations and interpretations. Cat isn’t afraid to state her opinion and does it in a respectful manner. Her being this authentic made the whole interview very enjoyable. It should be fun to listen, so here is the full interview if you want to give it a try!

Cat Clyde – “Mama Said”

After our interview, we still had a couple hours before the concert started. Luckily, we happened to be in a sandwich bar so we got in a booth and ordered some food and drinks. Time flew by as Ned and I conversed over our recent endeavours of intramural soccer and our jobs at KPSU. Before we knew, Jeremie Albino had already made his way up on stage and played a lovely set of acoustic songs to set the mood for Cat Clyde to start her show.

Cat Clyde with her band at the Bunk Bar

We made our way closer to the stage once Cat Clyde was about to come on. It was a lot of fun seeing such an amazing artist perform in an atmosphere as if we had been getting together with friends for a jam session at someone’s home.
Cat didn’t fail to show off her vocal skills. In my preview, I had described Cat as “arguably one of the most exciting voices of her time”. I’m not afraid to say she lived up to that expectation. I was quite amazed by the range of her voice and her precision in making use of it. Also, she entertained not only with her music, but even threw down a little dancing bit with her backing singer. They ended their little choreography by falling into each others arms, laughing. A quite happy and heartwarming moment to watch. The whole band seemed to enjoy the show in front of a small, yet energetic and appreciative audience.

Let’s hope Cat Clyde will stop by in Portland again on her next tour. It will definitely be worth going to see this one of a kind artist, who is not only an amazing musician but also a wonderful person to meet.





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