Relax your mind: Introspective Method by The Apollo Experiment

Written by on April 22, 2020

These times can be stressful and challenging. Long days spent inside, constantly having an eye on the news. It’s good to get away from that, at least every now and then for a little while. Seems like a good time to start meditating or simply taking rests with your eyes closed. If you need some calming music to zone out, The Apollo Experiment might just be what you are looking for.

The Apollo Experiment – “Orion in Spring”

The Apollo Experiment is an experimental project dedicated to one-take improvised recordings of meditative soundscapes. Born from the artist’s own introspection, these sounds carry an atmosphere that transcends the sonic realm and touches on the spiritual.

New Album: Introspective Method

Through a stream of conscience and happenstance style of composition, Introspective Method (released March 25th, 2020) evokes an outer / inner space where floating is possible and the mind and imagination are free to roam and rest. Here are sounds from a peaceful future that have been reassembled across time into the musical equivalent of rain on a roof ambiance.

Caleb, the mind behind The Apollo Experiment is an Oregon native living in Bend. Even more exciting: you can download his album Introspective Method for free! (or you could name your own price, if you can and want to give something back)

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