Reek Minds

Written by on March 2, 2020

I went to see Reek Minds along with Over, Fatal State, and Divers on the 29th, but thanks to anxiety and homework I only stayed to see Reek Minds. They put on the most chaotic ten minutes you could imagine. Maddy, the bass player, broke a string during the first song. While they waited for someone to help out with a new bass, the singer, Tyler asked for jokes and when no one had any to offer he began screaming. As soon as the bass problem was fixed, the next eight minutes were pure chaos. Tyler rolled on the floor, choked himself with the mic chord, punched himself in the face and smashed the mic into his face until he bled. When they were done you could see steam coming off of Tyler’s body. He gave all his energy into his set, with none left to spare. Seeing someone completely obliterate their body is both scary and intriguing. I couldn’t look away yet every second I was scared it would go too far. Tyler managed to keep the violence just on the edge and only towards himself. Reek Minds are playing again March 13th at Core House and it’s not to be missed. Reek Minds are one of the most ripping hardcore bands in Portland. This band might only be around for another couple of months. They’re also part of an amazing line-up in Denver this summer for the fest Fatal Mistake. They have a couple songs on bandcamp and a new 7in out on Edger Records.





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