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Written by on August 22, 2018

Rapper TOPE drops the track “Never Told You” on Wednesday the 22nd

The popping rhythm and tight lyric spitting on TOPE’s “Never Told You” reminds me a bit of Childish Gambino. Unlike Childish Gambino or even M.I.A. who use effects samples like guns cocking or cash registers, TOPE opts to have a soft keyboard sound underscore the emotions of the song. That soft keyboard sound, which feels almost like wind chimes on a hot summer day grateful for a gentle breeze, perfectly connotate the emotional vulnerability that is a constant undercurrent in TOPE’s music.

That’s not to say the music or its lyrics are soft. The party hard and upbeat grooviness is the most obvious vibe coming from TOPE’s quick rapping vocals.  The emotional vulnerability is a very slight undercurrent only picked up if you listen closely and notice not only his lyrics but the musical accompaniment.

TOPE often uses Jazz and RnB samples where other rappers go for hard gangster sounds. The sultry Erykah Badu vocal sample and horns such as those played by renowned trumpeter Farnell Newton on the track “Take Your Time” perfectly exemplify how TOPE connects rap to its roots in jazz and soul music.

If not for TOPE’s rapid rapping you’d think it was an album comprised of disco, 70s style RnB, and make out music. TOPE’s “Never Told You” fits neatly into a playlist between Earth Wind & Fire’s “September” and Childish Gambino’s “This is America”. This track is definitely worth a listen or two or three or fifty. Here is a link to it: https://fanlink.to/NEVERTOLDYOU





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