Purity Ring: 6/17 Crystal Ballroom

Written by on June 22, 2015

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I remember the first time I heard Purity Ring. I was sixteen years old, and my little sister played one of their songs in the car for me. You would think bands your little sister shows you (she was fourteen at the time) would be awful, but luckily I have a sister with good music taste. After I heard that first song called “Obedear,” I was hooked and had to listen to more.

Flash-forward three years later, and Purity Ring’s first album Shrines is still one of my favorites to listen to. Also they just released their second album another eternity this year. While I am a lesser fan of their new album, I was still psyched to find out they were coming to Portland. And in typical Portland fashion, the show was completely sold out. This show was actually so sold out, that the Crystal Ballroom removed the photo pit that they usually have for photographers. While I was bummed that I did not have that space to shoot, I was able to wiggle my way up to the front. The stage set-up was a work of art on its own. It was draped in hanging beaded lights that covered both the left and right side, with a DJ space in the middle. This was definitely the best concert set I have seen the Crystal Ballroom create.

The duo of Purity Ring has to be one of the best male and female duos out there. Corin Roddick, who makes the beats, did an amazing job during the show to prolong some of the bigger drops, which had an explosive effect on the crowd. The lead singer, Megan James, is really what I pictured to her be and look like. She wore a skin-tight, spacey outfit during the show that looked to be straight out of The Jetsons; this completely fit Purity Ring’s style of music and theme of their set.

From the performance, my favorite part would have to be when James’ brought out lights that were in the shape of a half sun. She touched the lights to the beat of the song, wearing mirrored gloves to reflect the light off into the crowd. I thought this was really cool and super unique. On the other hand, I was really pleased that they played all my favorite songs, including “Obedear”, “Lofticries”, and “Fineshrine.” They also played a lot of songs off their new album, which I do not know as well. I would still have to say this was one of my favorite concerts to date, and I like Purity Ring now more than ever before.





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