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Throughout the UK and Europe The Struts have been creating a lot of hype and building a large fanbase since 2012. The band has toured and headlined in Europe extensively, building a name and reputation for their live shows and consistently performing to sold out crowds. The band has since relocated to the US after signing with Interscope, released an EP Have You Heard, and rereleased their third studio album to make their US debut with Everybody Wants. Now touring for the album, The Struts will be dominating the US with their powerful live performances, and will be coming through Portland. The Struts will be at Portland’s Hawthorne Theatre on November 6 with Black Pistol Fire. Tickets are $19.50 now / $24 at the door. Doors open at 7:30, show is all ages, and bar with ID. Get your tickets here.

In an interview with Philadelphia’s Post-Gazette, The Struts Luke Spiller describes the band’s style of music and his inspiration:

“Growing up in my generation,” he says, “at the time, in my mid teens, there was this void in my life, musically. And then I discovered all these old bands like Queen and Zeppelin and the Stones, and suddenly it felt like I found my home and it’s been that way ever since.”

He set out to emulate those classic frontmen in his high school band and then, with The Struts, he says, “It was a conscious effort of ‘let’s not regurgitate,’ let’s try to push this genre in a different direction or further than it’s gone before. Still trying to do that now.”

Opening for bands like The Rolling Stones and Mötley Crue, The Struts have caught the attention of the bands they look up to and put a modern twist on classic rock. The loud guitar, infectious vocals and melodies, and anthemic style are reminiscent of rock music we’re all familiar with. From the style and production behind their sound, its obvious what kind of show to expect. On November 6 The Struts will deliver an unforgettable experience to Portland’s Hawthorne Theatre; this show will be massive and full of raw energy. This is a talented band that will only get better, and they are already at work on a second record with nearly 30 songs written. Catch them at the Hawthorne’s intimate setting while you can, this is music that is made to be echoed through an arena.

Check out their music video for “Could Have Been Me” off Everybody Wants below.

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– Joe Hernandez (@atslfm // Host of KPSU’s All the Singles, Ladies)





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