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Written by on February 2, 2020

FFO: The White Stripes, The Black Lips

This coming Tuesday (February 4th) The Doug Fir Lounge hosts Atlanta-based blues and garage rock outfit Mattiel, the eponymous project of lead singer Mattiel Brown. The band are currently touring their second full-length album, Satis Factory. It’s an album with a dextrous mixture of blues and garage rock with a lyrical and vocal style sure to hook audiences from their very first listen. Indeed Mattiel is an artist that will be immediately familiar and yet entirely new for fans of bands such as The White Stripes. Mattiel Brown has spoken of the 90s and 2000s Detroit band’s influence on her, saying that their work is the only music from high school that she can still listen to over and over. (I certainly share that feeling!) Mattiel is also a set designer and takes creative control over her band’s music videos and visuals – similar to The White Stripes’ and their red-white-black color scheme.

            However, their influence on her has not been merely from a distance – Mattiel supported Jack White on tour in 2018 and White and Brown have come to know each other personally. She speaks of the moment White first saw her play as a point at which she knew there was something bigger happening in her musical career. Mattiel Brown, however, is an innovative artist in her own right and most certainly represents a distinct sound.

Across both last year’s Satis Factory and 2017’s Mattiel the band has brought together a variety of influences. Some riffs are pure garage rock, while songs such ‘Whites of Their Eyes’ and ‘Athlete’ could be plucked straight from the soundtrack of a western, ‘Baby Brother’ and ‘Rescue You’ show the project’s blues influence and songs such as ‘Keep the Change’ and its accompanying video (see below) show off Mattiel’s catchy indie-pop side. And yet, despite all these leanings being on show, all of the band’s work is somehow, invariably, Mattiel.

Tickets for Mattiel’s show at the Doug Fir Lounge, 2/4, can be found here

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