Preview: Erin Bowman at Music Millennium on September 11th

Written by on September 10, 2019

Have you heard of Erin Bowman before? If you have not, you might well still recognize her voice or maybe even some of her songs. One of her first jobs when she started her career as a pop artist was singing the opening theme song “Battle Cry (Stand Up!)” for Pokémon: Black and White and other songs that appeared on Cartoon Network. She wrote even more songs that appeared elsewhere on TV, such as “Keep Me Warm” which was played over a month in a McDonald’s commercial, or “Good Time Good Life” which debuted on NBC’s “This Is Us”.

Erin Bowman – “There You Go Again”

But these times seem now long gone, as those who are familiar with Erin Bowman will know. Erin has been working more intensely on her own material which ultimately leads her to release her first EP Apartment 101, this year on November 1st.

Let me share a short story with you on how she got there: With the success of “Good Time Good Life,” and a move out west (a NJ native now in Los Angeles) Bowman found herself working on music going in a slightly different direction. She was doing less co-writes and found herself writing everyday on her own. Songs started pouring out of her. Her life was changing and the music she was writing was some of the realest she had ever written. In March of 2018 Bowman found herself traveling to London to explore a new city and work on new music. It was on a whim that she decided to attend an open mic night where she’d perform a couple of her new songs for the first time. It was at that open mic night that she would meet the 2 cowriters/producers that would bring this new direction of music, this new project, to life. Bowman traveled back to London for over a month in the summer and in the fall to work on what will be her first ever EP. A lyrically driven, wearing her heart on her sleeve, completely open and honest EP titled Apartment 101.

Erin Bowman – “‘Apartment 101’ Intro”

The release for Apartment 101 is scheduled for November 1st, but you don’t have to wait until then to give it a listen! You even get to see Erin performing these songs live for you at a free show at Music Millennium, here in Portland on September 11th.

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