Preview: Echosmith at Hawthorne Theatre on February 29th

Written by on February 25, 2020

Echosmith – that name probably rings a bell!? Probably because you heard a couple of their tracks before, as it was nearly impossible to get by the alternative pop band’s hits “Cool Kids” and “Future Me” some 7 years ago.

Echosmith – “Cool Kids”

Good news: Echosmith are back on tour with their sophomore album Lonely Generation in their bags, released on January 10th this year.

“We are a band, but we’re family first, which is a special and rare gift,” says Noah. “We get to learn and evolve together. The album is about trying to care for each other, grow, and experience joy and heartache in the internet age. It’s like a diary. You’re meant to hear every instrument being played. We pushed ourselves to try new things and reflect our experiences in a fresh way. From the beginning, our music has been a discovery and continued coming-of-age story. The new record is a completion of that. We’re showing a piece of who we are that we’ve never shown before.”

Echosmith – “Lonely Generation”

While the three siblings Sydney, Noah and Graham Sierota carry family spirit on their sleeves, they also care about their fans and local radio. In fact, I got to hold an interview with Sydney on the phone last week. If you want to hear it, please find the full interview here.

Album cover of Echosmith‘s Lonely Generation (2020)

If you want to hear more about the band and their music, please check out my latest episode of Let me introduce dedicated to Echosmith. Please find the show post (including a recording for download) and get yourself hyped up for the show at Hawthorne Theatre this Saturday, February 29th!

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