KPSU Spotlight feat Rachelle Schmid of Live Fridays

Written by on May 1, 2016

 DJ Rachelle Schmid of Live Fridays


My names Tobin Tanner, I’m a former Technical Director at KPSU, where I have been a part of many live in-studio performances in the past several years. The highlighted DJ I’ve picked this week is Rachelle Schmid for her ongoing passion for Live instudio’s at KPSU. Rachelle’s been a DJ since 2008, she’s no longer a student and therefore she is one of the few strictly community members that we have at KPSU. She’s was hosting a show with live musical performances called “That Live Show”  on KPSU for a few years before getting the torched passed down for her to host “Live Friday’s”, the longest running Live show on KPSU. I got the opportunity to have a great late night interview with her, and was honored to get a glimpse at what its like to be one of KPSU’s most experienced live show hosts.

Rachelle, your one of the few community member DJ’s who is no longer a student at PSU. Basically what keeps you going as a DJ at KPSU?

“Well music obviously, it’s good shit! As part of KPSU you get to see people, people that want to listen to music, and people that want to play music. As a D, I get to exposed to that naturally. It’s so hard to find good music all by yourself, and as a DJ people readily hand it to you, if your not a DJ you have to go seek that out! So, it actually its kind of lazy, like “just give me the good music already”.”

Ok so real basic here, but what type of music do you like to listen to? And don’t give me the “I like to listen to everything” spiel.

“Ok I’ll give you a good answer, I like music with good musicianship. Musicianship means musicians know how to play there instrument properly, and not in just a functional way, but they have mastery in that instrument, and possibly multiple instruments, that’s always impressive. And also if they have SOUL in there music, there some musicians that are technically good. Like Joe Satriani is technically really good, but he doesnt have as much soul as someone like Prince. You gotta have some soul to that music. “

What about Genre-wise?

Well that really depends on my mood, Like if I’m bumming and feeling crappy, it depends on whether I want to change my mood or like “wallow” in it. 

So If you had to pick 3 artists who’s entire discography you could have with you on a desert island, and thats all the music you had to listen to for your entire life?

First of all Queen, Queens amazing. Freddy Mercury is the shit, and they have such a huge discography of amazing stuff. And likewise The Rolling Stones, you won’t get bored with, there discography is all over the place. Not just a huge discography, but one worth listening too. There artists out there with huge discographies, like Elton John, who has a lot of music, but I wouldn’t pick him because I only enjoy a few of his albums. But then I’d have to pick a 3rd one that would shake it up a little bit, I think I’d have to pick Miles Davis.

What About your favorite local band?

Oh [man] thats like picking a favorite kid you can’t ask that!

Haha ok what about who are you listening to locally right now?

Well I always love Tango Alpha Tango, I never get board of them, There SO good! Have you seen them recently? There evolution of a band is incredible. Have you seen [Nathan Trueb] perform? Like the way he jumps off amps or tunes his guitar in some crazy open tuning, and has like some guy holding his guitar while he plays it sideways, If you put the [production value] into Tango Alpha Tango that you see in most big pop artists, you would have a hell of show. 

So What about you position as KPSU Dj, do you see that like continuing on infinitely?

You know whats funny, I always thought that when I first started that this was something I was doing to just get over a break up and find something to distract myself. And I totally fell in love with it and thought it was fun and awesome and it was like “Yeah but when i get a legit job after graduation, I’m not gonna keep doing it, but then I kept getting introduced to more bands and was like “Oh i want to see them play live, but I can’t afford it so I’m going to book them for an in studio, and I kept doing it and more bands wanted to do more instudio’s, and then got involved and now theres video! And its just kept going and going and it was never this intentional “I’m gonna do this for the rest of my life” it was more like a “this is fun” wait now we have this other more fun thing involved….So I guess I kind of just fell into it. 

Rachelle I hope you realize how valuable these Live Friday sessions are for musicians it’s not just some session at the radio station, but a whole experience with video and all that. 

I don’t know where I heard this but theres quote that goes “People don’t always remember what you did or what you said but they will always remember how they made you feel.” So if people remember how they felt about the total experience then people will want to keep doing this. So if we all feel good about the experience then everybody will want to keep doing it!





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