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Written by on August 8, 2018


Power rock/pop band Panic! At the Disco comes to the Moda Center this weekend. Music snobs (including myself) typically shy away from mainstream rock bands but Panic! At the Disco is an exception. While the music is your standard fun upbeat simple easy to digest rock, the musicians’ performance skills and relatable three-dimensional personalities pull in the most jaded music listener.

At a time when most pop music is filled with one-dimensional vapid personas and repetitive boring lyrics with uninspiring musical stylings, Panic! At the Disco brings a refreshing depth of ideas coupled with musical style changes from album to album, which consistently peaks the music listeners interest. The catchy rhythms and upbeat tempo make for an overall fun atheistic.

Panic! At the Disco’s frontman Brendon Urie recently confirmed his pansexuality. He deftly dispelled the oft repeated misnomers about pan and bisexuals’ ability to maintain committed relationships stating “I’m married to a woman and I’m very much in love with her” in the July 2018 issue of Paper Magazine.

The band is something of a social media darling, particularly on Tumblr, where anything posted by Urie is instantly flooded with notes and reposts. The fresh honesty of a weed smoking pansexual former Mormon who likes to rock out is quickly relatable to the sarcastic emo rainbow flag toting Millennial and Gen Z crowds who just want something fun to listen to without it being dumbed down.

Their reputation for an impressive performance will be seen at the Moda this weekend. Tickets for their Pray For The Wicked tour are available at





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