Pacific Patterns – Listening Party EP

Written by on April 25, 2014

Anytime you listen to music without vocals the experience is less about storytelling and more about an emotional journey. The Listening Party EP is a worthwhile and gentle emotional ride that’s soft and upbeat. Pacific Patterns music is somewhere between Anamanaguchi and Radiation City. Ethereal vibe that dream pop/nu-gaze music is known for with the occasional chip tunes music influence.

I think of Radiation City as like laying on the front porch in the summer time: relaxing and hot. Pacific Patterns is similar but while lying on the porch you hear the wind chimes and ice cracking in a glass then decide to go Sauvie’s Island with friends. It starts relaxing and mellow then some bright chip tune music ups the vibe, followed up by a faster poppy tempo picked on a guitar and keys. Polyrhythmic drumming is soft but in a deep register.

It’s not quite dancey the way Anamanaguchi is but it’s a catchy tempo. Just like after everyone downs the six pack chilled in a river and starts playing chicken in the tide pools, isn’t a high energy dance party but still really fun. Listening Party is a fun listen that ends too quickly.

If you want to hear more check out Pacific Patterns at the Rose Bar (111 SW Ash downtown) tonight April 24th. Shows starts at 9pm and they go on around 11pm. You can also download the Listening Party EP at





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