Ninjas With Syringes, Jet Force Gemini and Stab In The Dark at Kelly’s Olympian Review

Written by on April 29, 2015

    As KPSU’s 30 shows in 30 days of April winds down, one of the most raucous shows of the month took place at Kelly’s Olympian last night. In what ended up being a quaint, intimate show, KPSU had the pleasure of hosting Ninjas With Syringes, Jet Force Gemini, and Stab In The Dark. It was a high energy affair that was a great experience for those in attendance.

    Stab In The Dark started off the show with their loud style of punk rock that is a throwback to an older generation. It is clear that they have influences in bands like The Stooges and The Misfits, not only because of their crunchy, distorted, no-nonsense sound, but also with their crisp covers of the songs Seek And Destroy and Hybrid Moments. They started off the night with high energy, filling Kelly’s room with their original songs slightly mired in political rhetoric with Gary Dean’s singing, giving us a show of what punk originated as mixed with their own creative spin. Driven by a solid guitar rhythm, unique drum beats by Jeff Luton, and consistent bass lines by Josh McCanna, Stab In The Dark brought the intensity that we expect in punk rock.

SITD at Kelly's Olympian on April 28th

SITD at Kelly’s Olympian on April 28th

    Jet Force Gemini was the next up on the bill. Tight is not a strong enough word to describe the musicianship and the cleanness of their performance. Roman Bilko’s blended style of rhythm and perfectly executed solos, Michael Christopher’s clear and precise singing, and Paul Richey’s flared up drum beats give the band a sound that gives the band a real sense of drive and professionalism. It is a blend of pop-punk, hard rock, and even a bit of southern rock that gives them a sound that appeals to a wide variety of listeners. The band had an extremely high energy set, with singer/bass player Michael Christopher dancing around the whole stage and floor. There was a level of performance that one can only expect from the most seasoned of bands. Known for being all around goofy guys (see their Batman videos on their Facebook page), their banter with the audience adds to the whole experience. With their set being a majority of new songs, their next album is looking to be a solid follow up sophomore record after their Pistola Melodica debut.

JFG at Kelly's Olympian, April 28th

JFG at Kelly’s Olympian on April 28th

Ending the night with a bang was Portland punk scene mainstay Ninjas With Syringes. Playing a blend of songs off of their newest album Jetsetter and their deep older discography, they kept up the intensity of the night. With their engaging the audience with funny banter, huge smiles, and huge stage presence, you can tell that performing is something that they truly love and is a part of their blood. Gravity was no boundary, as singer Matt Danger jumped all around the stage doing air splits, timed perfectly in cadence with songs. With the rhythm section of Richie Petrillo and Steven Simmons driving the songs using both creative and standard punk beats, their is something about their songs that automatically brings a smile to your face while experience their show. You can tell the guys are extremely serious about their music, but also are along for the ride and know to have fun while getting their music out to the audience. Their music just resonates in your bones, and is just fun style of punk music that gets you going.

NWS at Kelly's Olympian on April 28th

NWS at Kelly’s Olympian on April 28th

I really want to personally thank all of the guys from Ninjas With Syringes, Jet Force Gemini, and Stab In The Dark for being a part of our 30 shows in 30 days of April. They were all great, and brought a great intensity and high energy, especially for a Tuesday night in Portland. With their great showmanship and professionalism, I only expect great things from them.

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