Murder City Devils play TONIGHT!

Written by on August 18, 2014

Murder City Devils Monday August 18th 8 pm; Star Theater

Tonight the murder city devils play in Portland. They also played a show last night at Dantes. That one sold out in mere minutes, tonight’s still has tickets left. Treat yourself to the rockinest show of the week! 

MCD hasn’t put out a studio album for 13 years! They are touring to support The White Ghost Has Blood on Its Hands Again. In true MCD form it has hard hitting drum beats, a sweet organ backup and emotional vocals. It’s less intense than some of their earlier work musically but vocally i think it’s more intense. 

I started listening to MCD in 1998 when i was living in Seattle (where they formed). I loved them instantly, they had a beat you could dance to with energy that spoke to my rowdy youth rebellion. Sadly, in Seattle it’s hard to attend any shows if you are under 21 so i spent years hearing about how great their shows were. I have seen them about 4 times in my life, they have all been great shows. In 2003 they broke up, put out their live album R.I.P. and i said goodbye to ever seeing them live again. They reunited for the Capital Hill block party in 2005 and i took my son to see his first show, to see the Devils perform outdoors surrounded by loving fans and it was a perfect Seattle moment. Now they are back and i could not be more excited to watch them tonight! I will have pictures of tonights show for you to enjoy after the show! 





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