Milky Chance at Crystal Ballroom

Written by on October 24, 2017

For Fans of: Alt-J, Vance Joy, Kaleo, Glass Animals, and Cage the Elephant


Kassel, Germany based Indie rockers Milky Chance took the stage Sunday night to a very crowded Crystal Ballroom.

Photo by DJ Rachelle

I was excited to see how their layering of different musical elements and styles would actually be performed live. Anything from one guy with a laptop to a full orchestra would not have surprise me. Turns out their stage set up included: 2 vocal mics, an electric bass, 2 acoustic guitars, 1 electric guitar, a set of hand drums, a harmonica, and an electric drum set with full extensions (chimes, cowbell, etc.) all used primary by the two lead members of Milky Chance. I’m used to the lead vocalist/guitarist being the primary speaker but the guy on drums spoke most often; introducing songs and talking about each song’s meaning/origin.

Genre wise they fit neatly within Indie Rock but stylistically pull elements from Reggae, African Drumming, Drum n Bass, Classic Rock, Folk, and singer-songwriter. All of these styles fused together could easily become disjointed and jarring but Milky Chance smoothly folds these elements together into a cohesive style of their own.

For most of the concert it was a full on dance party like a group of nostalgic 30 and 40 somethings wanted to get down 90’s raver style without the illicit drugs and glow sticks. As a prolific concert goer, I can confidently say it’s not often you get an entire crowd dancing and singing along throughout the show. Clearly this was a crowd of ardent Milky Chance fans ready to have fun.

The man directly in front of me looked just like Mr. Rogers including the cardigan and soft voice but he busted out an amazing Carlton (see Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) dance for most of the show. The guy to my right had never been to the Crystal Ballroom and was not familiar with the “floating floor” so he was initially scared when crowd bouncing on the floor vibrated the ground under him. I assured him no natural disaster was occurring it’s just how the floor moves at this venue. After that he grinned like a kindergartener and danced like he was on a trampoline the rest of the night.

-Haven’t seen a crowd lose their shit over harmonica playing like this since Blues Traveler

For their encore performance, Milky Chance performed an acoustic song without any mics. Magically the crowd was quiet enough even people in the way back and in the upper balcony sections could hear them.


The catchy new release “Blossom” fit perfectly in with other popular tracks from their set list including “Down by the River” and “Stolen Dance”. The whole album Blossom is great. It’s available here:  or at any of the usual digital music sites.







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