Maciek: New single “Passing Time”

Written by on July 13, 2020

Passing Time

It has been almost 4 years since singer-songwriter Maciek released his self-titled debut LP Maciek. A lot has happend since, but let’s start with the most recent news: Maciek has just released his new single “Passing time”, a heart-felt ballad on life expectations. The song copes with anxieties and fears of failure, yet carries optimism in an honest and authentic manner. “Passing Time” is a timeless track. But it is also a fitting soundtrack for today’s society, with its endless opportunities, choices to make and a constant fear of choosing ‘the wrong path’. Despite his noticeable Polish accent, Maciek‘s voice carries the emotion of his English lyrics expertly well. For those cherishing his well-made debut LP, “Passing Time” is a smooth addition with respect to style and feel. Potentially, the only difference is that compared to the earlier recordings, Maciek is now a much more skilled and confident singer.

Maciek – “Passing Time”

The making of an artist

After the release of his debut LP in 2016, Maciek and his then newly formed band spent a few years playing gigs at local events and festivals. Their musical flexibility allowed fans to see Maciek perform in almost any constellation from solo-shows, up to a full piece line-up of 4. Despite favourable reviews and much recognition from music critics, the great leap forward is yet to come. As part of that effort, Maciek was asked to participate in 2019s season of The Voice of Germany. He stood out among the usual casting show contestants due to his very own style, as he created unique versions of Outkast‘s “Hey Ya!” and Alicia Keys‘ “No One”.

Maciek – “Hey Ya!” (Outkast Cover)
Maciek – “No One” (Alicia Keys Cover)

Maciek‘s journey at The Voice of Germany ended after the sing-offs. But his coach’s decision of letting him go caused disenchantment in many viewers, who would have liked to see him continue to the semi-finals. On the bright side, Maciek‘s personal development has taken a boost following his time at The Voice of Germany. Now, he has a much more defined understanding of his own style and is less hesitant to share his true self and energy with his audience.

What is to come?

Maciek‘s training in singing, performance and personal development at The Voice of Germany resulted in noticeable improvements. As an overall artist, Maciek has grown significantly in recent years. The continuing progress led to an offer of a long-term contract with Hanover-based music label Magic Mile Music, with whom he had already released his debut LP. As a first result from that recently extended cooperation, “Passing Time” was released on the 10th of July. It is worth noting that the beautiful ballad is merely a first step in ventures that are yet to come. As those who know Maciek are aware, he is constantly working on new music. Hence, all of us should be looking forward to seeing this exciting journey continue…

Photo Credit: André Schlechte

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