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Written by on October 14, 2016

After talking a lot with Jonah Haas about the Lucid University, I thought it would be appropriate to incorporate another separate post about Lucidity Festival!

Lucidity festival is a huge art and music festival just like, Symbiosis, What the Festival, or Lightning in a Bottle but it has its own spin on things for its life. They bring a lot of different aspects to the table.

This festival is truly a mesmerizing time.

Just looking at the past few years you can tell how much has been going on there.

They have been up to a lot since the inception of Lucidity Festival. This festival has been around for 5 years and will be going on its 6th adventure this year into a new message. Each year claims a different section in a 6 part saga made by the founders. Eudaimonia is this years story falling on 2017, this story covers “having a good indwelling spirit” and bringing a communal happiness into one place.


This article takes it into a bit more detail >>>


Lucid University actually started at this festival and goes on every year with the same courses as they have selected for Lucid University. Focusing on Lucid Dreaming, Art & Creativity, Ascended Reiki, Embodiment & Leadership, and PermaCulture and Design. I myself am most interested in the lucid dreaming aspect of the course because this is a topic that is pretty hidden in the world we know today. Not many people know of this aspect of sleep that can be controlled. We hear about it or sometimes may experience it without even knowing but to control it every night seems far beyond our control.

This Festival seems to be pushing boundaries in the realm of spirituality, community, and self. Lots of great things seem to go on at this festival from yoga to music. One thing the piqued my interest was the Lucidity Mythos Project which is based around the ability to find one self and come to a complete understanding of oneself.

In todays world I feel like a lot of people feel lost in what they are doing, or where they are going so to have a place to go and center yourself seems quite needed in this day and age. I myself, find myself wandering through my minds eye of different directions I could head but don’t because of not knowing if i feel if it is right for me. These blocks seem to be what they are trying to lift so you can be 100% successful in your decisions and confident in your ability.

Check out more about Lucidity Festival and University below:









Make sure to tap into this awesome interview as well that goes into detail about Lucid University as well as Lucidity Festival.

3.4 Lucid University Interview with Co-founder Jonah Haas





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