Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Pacific Dub Review

Written by on May 5, 2015

If you missed Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish as they rolled through town on Monday, you missed one hell of a show. These are two incredibly seasoned bands that put their all into their shows, and it is completely obvious that they love putting on performances to please the fans. Even if you are not familiar with ska music, you NEED to catch these bands as they come through your town. Hell, they’re even worth a drive, just make sure you catch them where you can!



The Roseland was packed full of screaming fans of all types, and they we were all witness to an incredible performance. Less Than Jake ended the night with a bang. They played a range of songs throughout their discography, and needless to say they killed it. Their onstage antics included a mascot running around on stage shooting confetti into the crowd, bringing a whole family up and having them create a circle pit on stage, bringing unusual fans up to dance along during songs, and having fans with backstage passes run around on stage during songs. They bring this hectic, fun, candid energy to the stage, and you can tell they are having fun because of what I can only describe as perma-grin on all of their faces. Their performance as always was flawless, but it really is the way that they connect with their fans that makes them a special act. You can’t help but want to jump around and have fun.



    This was only the second time that I have had the pleasure to see Reel Big Fish perform, but they are awesome live. Their songs are infectious and are performed to a T. They are incredibly seasoned, and know how to play for the crowd. With horns blaring, members running, jumping, kicking, and spinning, they are quite a sight to see. We were even fortunate enough to have Michelle Beebs of Beebs and Her Moneymakers come up on stage and sing along for a few songs. They started off their set right with “Everyone Else Is An Asshole”, and blew through an incredible performance ending with fan favorites “Beer” and their awesome cover “Take On Me”. They really throw a great show, and it was awesome seeing the Roseland packed for these guys.


    Overall this was an extremely fun night, and it was definitely my pleasure being able to cover this show for KPSU. You can find more photos of the show at the link below.






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