Joyeur Drops New EP “LIFEEATER “

Written by on October 5, 2018

New Music alert: Dance-pop duo Joyeur releases their hot new EP LIFEEATER


DJ Rachelle previewed the EP and interviews Joyeur musicians Jo & Anna:

Life Eater is a fun dance-able rollick through 5 tracks. It’s a great addition to a work out mix. When asked if they had this mind when making this EP Joyeur responded, “Not really, but that’s so amazing to hear and definitely makes sense! We have friends sending us videos of them running to it or telling us it’s the soundtrack to their morning commute when they’re super late. It’s hilarious. We love it.”

While videos of friends on treadmills can be fun, Joyeur’s music video for Fast as You Can is an eye popping racy bit that can get your heart pumping without a treadmill. Several shirtless fit men with faces covered in red silk bags are in this video.  R: I imagine there had to be at least one or two awkward/funny moments with the shirtless guys. Joyeur: “Very astute assumption. At first, it was a little tough breaking the ice. You’re making small talk with these sweet guys, their faces covered and then very quickly elevating the situation to ‘am I hurting you?’ and ‘can you breath?’ because you’re sitting on top of them. They were such troopers.” The YouTube video of it can be viewed here:

R: I love the chiptune sample on Heartbreak At The Disco; any plans to use more samples like this in the future? Joyeur: “We really like to explore different sounds and samples. We don’t use a specific template for each song but 8-bit sounds are definitely a favorite of ours so it’s more than likely!” R: What was your songwriting process for the LIFEEATER EP? Joyeur: “Really,
it was trial and error plus some momentary loss and gain of consciousness. One song could start as easily a bass line popping into our heads while on a walk (Dance With Me) and another could start as an 8 bar loop being discovered in the studio (Fast As You Can)! Some songs started as one thing and morphed into a completely different beast by the time we were done with them. There wasn’t a ritual or pattern. The only common denominator was our excitement. When that is piqued, we always know we’re onto something and we hope other people feel the same!” All the 80’s retro/game music fans with cassette tape libraries Heartbreak At The Disco will be your favorite track on this EP.

R: How do you decide what samples to use and how do you source those samples? Joyeur: “It really depends on what each song needs and where we are when we’re recording. On the road, you can become pretty resourceful! When we can, we love recording our own samples whether it’s a vocal or percussive element and playing around with those. We particularly love working with Machine
and analog synthesizers.”

R: How does Joyeur compare with other bands/music projects you’ve been involved in? Joyeur: “The funny thing about music is it’s very similar to dating. You can try to convince yourself that someone is right for you and your creative process, but it just won’t work. You need a unique chemistry and since we met, we knew there was that “je ne sais quoi” between us. In the end, it’s who you want to spend hours upon hours in a room with making those meticulous tweaks and accidentally missing meals!”

R:  Any plans to add members to Joyeur? Why/why not? Joyeur: “For our live show, we’re currently opening up the stage to some rad musicians. Otherwise, it’s just the two of us.”

R:  What are your band practices like? Joyeur: “There’s a lot of repetition and La Croix! We video tape every rehearsal so our phones are on their last MG.”

Joyeur hopes LIFEEATER makes you feel empowered, alive and sexy. It’s available now on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.







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