Interview with Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees

Written by on May 28, 2015

Today I interviewed Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees about his upcoming tour and the motivation behind Pop Psychology. This was a super cool opportunity, and Tyler is a really nice guy!

Neon Trees will be performing at Wonder Ballroom on June 7th. (click for ticket info)



SM: You’re starting off your tour in the west coast, was this intentional?

TG: Yeah definitely. We wanted to start our shows off in our favorite cities. Not to bash on the East Coast at all, but I’m definitely a west coast guy.


SM: Is there a specific show you have planned for the tour that you are super pumped for?

TG: I’m excited for the first 6 shows. We have all of the major cities like Seattle, Portland, LA… but call me when we are in the Midwest and I will let you know (laughs).


SM: What are the best/worst parts about being on the road?

TG: At the beginning you get super pumped. We have a great crew, and getting to be together and travel together is awesome. The hardest part about touring is not having a permanent location. But this summer tour should be great because we have a few breaks in between and it always feels like Summer Camp or vacation.


SM: Do you have a favorite song on Pop Psychology or one you find most fun to perform?

TG: My three favorites are First Things First, Love In The 21st Century, and definitely Sleeping With A Friend. Those are all really fun to perform.


SM: You took a break in 2012 to work on some personal things going on in your life, what was the biggest lesson you took away from that break?

TG: Be open to change and be open to bettering yourself. I was always afraid of therapy, I thought that it made you a specific type of person but now I advocate for it. With therapy there is no judgment or risk of losing someone as a friend. You are paying someone to talk to you and be open about stuff and that’s really cool.


SM: Do you think that your relationship with music has changed at all since then?

TG: Maybe… My relationship with music changes a lot every couple of months. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it. I don’t like the business side of things. Worrying about the numbers, and the awards shows. It seems like everyday there is a new award being given out to the same 8 bands. But, I love going onto itunes and finding a great new song or artist. It’s nice to discover new music and feel 21 again.


SM: Is there a new band you just discovered that you are into right now?

TG: Yeah there is this band called Strange Names. They are out of Minneapolis. They just dropped a new album this month and it’s super good.


SM: What is the best part about being in a band instead of doing solo work?

TG: My band mates give me a lot of freedom and let me be creative. They can play instruments better than I can, so it is nice to have that strong team. It’s also really nice to have a band when you are going through the heavier moments or missteps. It helps to have that constant support and to have someone to rely on.


SM: Did you always see yourself being in a band, or could you imagine yourself doing something else right now?

TG: I’ve always seen myself being in a band or being a singer/songwriter. I’ve been in a band since I was 15. It was always nice to play shows, or put out flyers when people still did that. I always wanted to see something of mine in a CD store. But I guess if I wasn’t doing this I would be cooking because I love to cook.


SM: You guys just released a single this month. Does this mean we can expect more music from Neon Trees?

TG: I’ve written more songs, but I think it all just depends. I don’t want to release an album because people think it’s time for us to release an album. I want to release it when we know it’s the best and when it feels right. Each album has been a new era. We spend a lot of time working on how we will look, and what we are singing about. This single was released because I like it and I wanted it to be in this tour. If it’s a big hit that’s great, but if it’s not then it won’t be attached to a whole album.


SM: You guys have the winged heart logo in a lot of your marketing, is there a story behind the logo?

TG: In 2007 we were a local band in Utah and I thought we should have a logo. A lot of our songs were about human experience. During that time I was still hiding a lot of who I am and the idea behind the logo was to have the wings rising above the bad parts. It was a sign of getting through it.


SM: I guess I will close it off with asking if you have any pre-show traditions?

TG: I think we always wanted one because people ask us, but it’s nothing crazy. We usually get in a circle and say a prayer. It’s not even part of being religious. There are a lot of people in the circle with different religions, or who aren’t religious. It is more about having a moment of being together, and remembering why we are here and why we are doing this.


SM: Cool. Well Portland is definitely excited to have you here and thank you for talking to me.

TG: Cool! Will I see you and your friends at the concert? (laughs)

SM: Hopefully you will!






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