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Written by on December 11, 2014

Loose Ends, the full-length debut album from Los Angeles-based band, Francisco the Man, was released via Fat Possum/Small Plates Records in late October. This 10 track album has genres ranging from indie pop to contemporary indie rock with bits of shoegaze sprinkled in. Since it’s release, Loose Ends, has quickly received high remarks from numerous music publications and blogs such as Consequence of Sound and All Music. As of now, the band is on a west coast headlining tour to support this full-length LP. Just on Monday, they were in Portland, Oregon to play at Mississippi Studios. I was fortunate enough to be able to catch up with frontman, Scotty Cantino, before their set.

How long have you known the other band members?
Since high school. We’re all good old friends.

What’s your musical background like?
I’ve been playing in bands since high school. First band I was in was an instrumental rock band. It kind of progressed from there.

Every time I mention your band name, “Francisco the Man,” to someone, I get a lot of, “oh so, like Portugal. The Man.” Where does your band name actually originate from?
It’s a character from 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It’s a small character in the book. When we started, I don’t know if Portugal. The Man existed or if I just didn’t know who they were. Unintentional, but it stuck.

Your full length LP, Loose Ends, came out recently. I heard it took seven years. How did it feel to have it finally come out?
Good. The record, itself, didn’t take seven years. It took three days. We had been putting out songs and singles and EPs, just not a proper full length… It’s been really great having it out. Feedback’s been very positive. We always want more people to hear it.

What was the production like for this album?
It was self-produced. It was engineered by our friend, Chris, but we produced it. We all have our own ideas so we all get involved in production. Didn’t work with anyone specific, except for Chris. There’s definitely influence from him.

Do you write all the music for the band?
I wrote all the melodies and all the lyrics. Outside of that, we all write our own parts. It’s becoming more and more collaborative as the time goes on.

Did someone in the band design the cover art for Loose Ends?
My buddy, Harley, did it. He’s a New York/L.A. artist. I’ve always enjoyed his art so I asked him and he obliged. You should check out his other work. The name’s Harley Cortez.

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