Interview and Review: The Brother Brothers at the Mississippi Studios on September 12th

Written by on September 15, 2019

An intimate evening with two wonderful artists: The Brother Brothers at the Mississippi Studios, here in Portland. Adam and David Moss are very calm and down-to-earth. We had set up our interview for 5:30pm but got stuck in traffic. Neither of them minded us arriving a few minutes late and they gave us a warm welcome once we arrived at the venue. The interview was easy, a casual talk about their lives and thoughts on playing music. An interesting and fun conversation, please discover yourself and listen to the full interview.

The show itself meant a great escape from everyday life. The Brother Brothers‘ music allows you to find all kinds of associations that come to mind, gently drifting through an evening of emotional, harmonious tunes. Their live performance was incredible. Both the instruments and their voices seemed even stronger than on the recorded album, which seemed a difficult task to achieve given Some People I Know is a very well composed record.

Besides their harmonious tunes, the brothers also bonded amazingly well as they lead us through the evening. Some interactions with the audience, enough space for both fun and deeply felt thoughts. My favorite moments of the show: When Adam and David were mocking the people sitting in the back on the balcony, saying they should remember the good old days when they had seen Jimi Hendrix perform and relive the past by joining us in front of stage. Another great moment in the show was when they had mentioned that the US sometimes seems to have a flat-earth society – an observation they shared with an artist and friend from England, who said she had a similar impression of the society there. It lead them to think we are having a world-wide problem with flat-earth societies, as they seem to exist all around the globe…

To get more impressions on The Brother Brothers, the concert at the Mississippi Studios and their interview, check out my episode of Let me introduce on the band or download the episode here.





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