Interview and Review: Little Hurricane at the Doug Fir Lounge on 11/08

Written by on November 9, 2019

Little Hurricane, that’s C.C. and Tone – a wonderful couple from San Diego who started off in 2010 after finding each other through Craigslist on the search for fellow musicians to form a band. A lot has happened since: 4 full-length albums and many live shows around the globe… But their lives had not only been exciting musically. Three years ago, C.C. and Tone got married and had their first child who is now two years old.

Becoming parents had not stopped them from touring. During her first pregnancy, C.C. kept playing the drums at shows and festivals. After a little while, Little Hurricane simply became three as their infant son joined them on tour and provided an additional set of ears for the soundcheck of their incredible music.

Little Hurricane – “give em hell (live)”

For their show at the Doug Fir Lounge, it was just the two of them as they did only a mini-tour of two shows in Portland in Seattle. The reason the tour is that short is that C.C. is pregnant again, expecting their second child in December! I was surprised to find out about it when I talked to them on the phone earlier this week but seeing C.C. play the drums 9 months into pregnancy was yet another story. It was unbelievable seeing the energy and joy she had when playing the show. She shared a glimpse of the emotional state she is in when she said she cried on the drive up to Portland because she remembered how this was the first place they had played a gig outside of California when they started touring with their newly formed band many years ago. That emotional feeling might have been affected by her pregnancy, yet hearing that story felt also special to me and I had not even been to the gig back then.

Tango Alpha Tango started the evening on an energetic note. They played a good list of originals to set the stage for Little Hurricane. When C.C. and Tone came out, it felt a bit like joining them in their living room. Carpets on the floor, a little table lamp in the back, C.C. in a dress and Tone in a white shirt, wearing a black cowboy hat. A lovely couple who made their way up to Portland, visiting from down South.

Little Hurricane – “Haunted Heart”

Although it was only a few weeks ago when I listened to Little Hurricane’s music for the first time, their songs resonated amazingly well with me and I was happy to recognize many songs from their vast selection of four albums. Everything is perfomed live on stage by just the two of them. Hearing about that set-up suggests a minimalistic sound but instead, their music is well-rounded and complete. Their repertoire consists of a nice variety of energetic and mellow songs, some about love and some about living life dancing, some about bad business and other more serious topics. All in all, an entertaining mix that was brought to stage in high quality in every aspect – the drums, guitar, vocals,… It all fit nicely into place.

I could keep writing a lot more about this wonderful evening but instead, if you would like to hear more about it, please simply tune in for my upcoming show of Let me introduce, where I will talk more extensively about Little Hurricane, their show at the Doug Fir, my phone interview from earlier in the week and of course you will also get to hear plenty of their music. The show will stream on on November 15th, from 9-10am. If you can’t wait to hear the interview, please find the recording in the download link below!





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