Infected Mushroom Concert Review

Written by on November 11, 2019

Infected Mushroom played at the Roseland Theater on Friday November 8th. They have been touring for about 20 years. My dad introduced me to IM and since then I’ve been a fan of theirs.

The show began with Randy Seidman’s DJ set. About an hour into the show he swapped with LOWSH. After that OPTIKOS took the stage, who I particularly liked.

When Infected Mushroom finally took the stage they started off with Becoming Insane. The stage lights and lasers activated and helped build the hype. Duvdevani immediately got the crowd engaged by encouraging them to sing along, jump, and wave their hands.

Duvdevani had a lot of energy on stage and played each of the instruments to some degree at least once during the concert. He kept the energy going for the entire duration of the concert, spinning, jumping, waving around with the audience, and even some headbanging. Eisen, the other member of Infected Mushroom, was on keyboard and would sometimes back Duvedevani up. Their drummer was the masterful Rogerio Jardim, and Tommy Cunningham skillfully jammed on the guitar.

A few mishaps did occur. The audio cut out for about a second twice during the show. At one point, I couldn’t tell if on purpose or by accident, the guitarist dropped their pick. But no worries! Duvdevani rushed to the rescue and showed off his guitar skills in the process. Towards the end of the event Duvdevani actually broke the crash on the drum set with his enthusiasm. The guitarist quickly fixed it but it was pretty funny. No matter what happened they were able to keep the show feeling smooth and fun.

During the show they played Pink Nightmares, City of the Future, and I Wish, to name a few. My favorite part had to be the encore though. After the show was supposed to be over, the Rogerio came back to play the drums, Eisen then walked over to praise him to the audience and eventually joined in on the keyboard. The guitarist, Tommy, joined soon after. I’m not sure if they were playing a song or just improvising, but when that song was over Eisen started playing Heavyweight, which is one of my favorites, with the other members following swiftly.

Duvdevani came back in for the vocals and rocked out with the audience. It sounded simply amazing with the unique live added twists, and slowly converted into Converting Vegetarians.

Afterward, the members came off the stage to shake hands, talk, and take pictures with members of the audience.

Overall I had a great time and I’d see them again. If you’d like to see if they’re gonna play near you, check their website!





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