Great Lakes- Live Fast, Die Whenever

Written by on November 5, 2012

Rarely does an album come out of the gate with the kind of speed and excitement that Great Lakes’ new album, ‘Live Fast, Die Whenever’ does. The Boston trio’s album, reminiscent of Smartbomb or Strike Anywhere, kills it on track one, with ‘No Girlfriends.’ The track is fast, and over in only a couple minutes, which is good because while the song is fantastic, if this was the sound for the entire album, it would lose its novelty pretty quick. Luckily, Great Lakes move into more melodic territory on their second track, ‘Grown Up Stuff’ and beyond. Their single, ‘Rambling Dudes Forever,’ is the perfect combination of this high-speed punk sound and the intricate melody that makes them stand out as one of my favorite new bands of 2012. Every song on this is great. Even the obligatory melodic hardcore slow(er) song (No Boyfriends), usually my least favorite of any melodic hardcore album, is pretty great. Definitely pick this thing up. 8/10





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