Glass Animals + Gilligan Moss: 5/26 Crystal Ballroom

Written by on May 28, 2015

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Honestly I cannot say I am typically a fan of opening acts at concerts, because usually I am too anxious for the main act. However the opener for the Glass Animals’ show, Gilligan Moss, was an exception to this rule. These two newcomers to the music world handled themselves like professionals up on stage. They completely reminded me of ODESZA as far interacting with each other on stage as an electronic duo. And I was shocked when I tried to look them up after the show only to find there was scarcely information about them online. But that is also what makes them so much more intriguing is the fact that they are mysterious. They do not even have a website, and their music is solely showcased on SoundCloud. However the level of talent this duo possesses is very likely going to surface nationwide after this tour with Glass Animals. Gilligan Moss is at the moment a best kept secret in the electronic music world.

After we were all on an electronic high from Gilligan Moss, the sold-out crowd was greatly anticipating Glass Animals to take the stage. Their set began with a dimly lit stage and eerie sounds from the jungle. Once the band took the stage, the audience knew we would be in for an unforgettable show. Lead singer Dave Bayley, at the young age of 23, has a degree in neuroscience and constructs their music to appeal to the senses. Listening to their music on a phone/computer is amazing, but actually hearing it live was a sensory experience. I could really hear the different patterns and sounds put into making their music so unique. Although I would have to say my favorite part of the show was when Bayley jumped off of the stage and walked through the all ages and 21+ divider. It was especially fun because this was during their cover of Kanye’s “Love Lockdown.” On the other hand the show was extremely short…as in only an hour long. It does make sense since the band only has one album, but I really do wish it were longer. Regardless this was a show that myself and everyone else who was there will be thinking about for a long time.





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