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Written by on April 2, 2012

The Glamour Kills tour last Sunday at The Hawthorne Theatre.

Into It. Over It. is an acoustic project by the very talented Evan Thomas Weiss. Personable as always, he started the show out on the right foot with his passionate and lively music. He played a short set, but held the audience’s attention all throughout. His music is definitely worth checking out.

Next in the line up was The Story So Far, a pop-punk band from California. For only being the second band to play, the crowd loved them. Their music is more on the punk side of pop-punk, which made the audience move around a lot. Even though I got kicked in the head a few times from crowd surfers, it was worth being up front just to be a part of the passionate crowd. I’ve seen this band a few times live before, and every time more people show up and know all of their songs. I think it’s safe to say that they’re a great up and coming pop-punk band.

Transit was the next band, and they also put on a great show. I don’t know their music as well as Into It. Over It. and The Story So Far, but I was very impressed by their performance. I would place them in the pop-punk genre, but they’re definitely have a more somber sound than The Story So Far. This being the case, the crowd wasn’t as rowdy, but they still seemed to love the music.

Straying away from the pop-punk theme, Polar Bear Club played after Transit. They’re a post-hardcore/punk rock band from New York. It was a nice change of pace from pop-punk, and they really knew how to control the crowd. Whenever there was a breakdown, hardcore dancers would spread out across the floor. At one point almost everyone in the crowd was jumping up and down in unison, while others were continuously jumping off the stage the surf the crowd.

The Wonder Years headlined the show, and they did a fantastic job. Along with The Story So Far and Transit, they too are a pop-punk band. There was a huge mosh-pit of people at the front of the floor screaming along the lyrics to every song, which a circle of hardcore dancers behind them. Very few people were standing and watching at the back of the venue. I was surprised when they played a few of their obscure songs, and a good majority of the audience knew every lyric. They’re set was on the long side, but the saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ definitely applied.

All in all, every band in the Glamour Kills tour killed it. There wasn’t a dull moment in any set. I would definitely recommend checking out these bands if pop-punk is a genre you’re interested in.





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