Four Dimensional Nightmare Live on What's This Called? 3/2/2013

Written by on March 1, 2013

Tom Nicol AKA Four Dimensional Nightmare will be unleashing his electronic wash of beatitude on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 from Noon to 1 PM on What’s This Called? Down from Seattle, Four Dimensional Nightmare will be playing prepared guitar and other bent electronics in the distorted ambient style of his excellent self released album from last year Icicles. I actually had the pleasure of writing the liner notes for Tom for that record and they are reprinted below. Tune in to hear it happen for yourself!’s_this_called%3F

A man is sitting in a room surrounded by little machines. His shirt is untucked and his tie is rumpled. His breath is visible as the room is freezing. He has just gotten off work at the night shift and he can hear birds chittering in dawn sounds through the paper thin walls. He can just barely hear the chittering of the birds over the sputtering of the machines, and he is convinced that the birds and the machines share secrets that he is not let in on. The machines have eaten up his life and he now works two jobs just to keep an ever increasing supply of them and to keep them well fed. He used to sing to them, but now his breath is all frozen mist and they can read his voice from his frost bitten fingertips. He remembers vaguely his name was “Tom” once, but now he is more or less than that. He is a man sitting in a room surrounded by little machines that have a purpose for him. He is driven to put pieces of that purpose in envelopes and mail it to other people, but when he tries to lick the envelopes his tongue freezes against the sealant glue. The birds are getting louder as the sun is coming up, but they cannot begin to drown out the sputtering little machines. The sunlight will not warm his room. He will have to get up and go to work soon. He wants to use the machines to tell other people something, but he knows that the machines are really using him. He doesn’t mind because he is happy to have a purpose, or at least willing to, if not really happy about it. He is accepting because he is willing. He is willing to let the machines use him even though there are tiny icicles on his blazer sleeves. He is driven without even having to leave the room, except to go to work to make something to feed to the machines. He tried to reset them once. That was when it all began.

(Ricardo Wang explains the music of Four Dimensional Nightmare 8/28/2012).





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