Dovin & Matt Foley Present… "Day-Drinking" on PLSPDX!

Written by on May 15, 2014

Today, Tobin and Gabe tested out the mobile system using a channel of the KPSU motherboard. (You: Holy sheeit, that’s going to be awesome!) Totally.
Meanwhile, the door was wide open on Tobin’s standard-PLSPDX (Wednesdays 1PM), so… Matt Foley and I (Dovin) hijacked the podcast, continuing our discussion of what the term “crawfishing” means, while selecting classic hardcore punk songs about day-drinking. The two subjects, though not exclusively related, were a great excuse to listen to some rad music and clarify a potentially useful concept. While discussing Boston HC legends Gang Green and their connection with Lemonheads’ front man Evan Dando, Pete Banjo (working diligently in the production booth) greeted a touring band from Denver, and handed us their CD.
Indigenous Robot had dropped into the studio to get their album out there and support their show this evening at Kelly’s! They were real sweet, and humored our interrogations from the interview booth… TURNS OUT, the last track on the CD EP, “Dragoon”, does mention some form of day-drinking!
It was a pleasure to meet the lady and gents from a hard working band on the road, and to know that there is flexibility and desire for spontaneity on the airwaves/inter-webs of KPSU. There was a true spirit of collaboration in the studio this afternoon, and I’m grateful to be part of it.
Hosting with Mr. Foley, while in the company of KPSU comrades like Pete and Tobin, reminded me of why I choose to spend time and energy in our refrigerated sub-basement station, season after season… because community-based, format-free radio kicks ass!
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