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Written by Rachelle on April 5, 2016

Looking for a good concert in Portland? There always a good concert to see. And the best part- the concerts are usually cheap and sometimes even FREE! Check out the list below to find something worth going to:

Tuesday April 5th

Doug Fir Lounge 830 E Burnside
RedBull Sound Select. Curated by Banana Stand
Diarrhea Plant, Music Band, Boone Howard

Sign up early with Red Bull and get tickets for $3

Banana Stand and Redbull Sound have a reputation for great taste in music and this line up reinforces that. 2 Nashville based high energy rock bands paired with a local guy. The local guy I’ve seen play more than a few times. Boone (member of the We Shared Milk) is an irreverent crooner mixing psych rock with acoustic singer-songwriter styling that flirts with being garage rock and a dash of pop catchiness to produce a new style of music that’s silly and dark at the same time. More than anything it’s fun.

Wednesday April 6th

The Liquor Store 3341 SE Belmont St
US Lights, Leading Psychics, Mondegreen

No idea on the cost because The Liquor hasn’t posted the ticket price. This venue typically charges less than $10/show during the week. Sometimes it’s free even.

US Lights are really groovy synth rock with some punk overtones. They alternate between being very danceable and relaxing- not in the same song though. It’s like a great playlist: one song going up in dancey vibes the next mellowing you out like ocean waves. Reading about the other two bands leads me to think this is a more punk pop line up.

Panic Room 310 NE Sandy
Blood Owl, Gloaming Hours, Unusual Subjects. Tickets $8

Blood Owl is punk rock with heavy almost metal influence performed by the sweetest most chill dudes who only get crazy when they’re onstage. Panic Room used to be the Tonic Lounge and is quickly becoming known for hosting heavier rock, punk, and even metal shows. This line up totally fits that.

Ash Street 225 SW Ash
The Adnas, Out of Dodge, Deep Throat. Tickets $5

The Adnas are Americana rockers with a deep deep abiding love for Bruce Springsteen. Raise a glass of the cheapest beer in the place (but not PBR – don’t be a cliché) and enjoy the show.

Thursday April 7th

Mississippi Pizza 3552 N Mississippi Ave
Olivia Awbrey, Wooden Sleepers, Naked Luck. $5 suggested donation

Indie-folk rock performed by skillful musicians. Seriously skilled. Just talk to the guys in Naked Luck for more than 5 minutes about music and you’ll get the idea. Or better yet, just listen to them play.

Doug Fir Lounge 830 E Burnside
Ages and Ages, Ezra Rose. Tickets $12

Ages and Ages are super upbeat fun Indie Rock. Extremely danceable. I may or may not sing their title track Alright You Restless in the shower…

Ezra Rose has the voice of a goddamn angel. Seriously, how it is possible that a halo and wings don’t spontaneously sprout whenever she works those vocal chords?

Kelly’s Olympian
XRAY FM + We Out Here Magazine Present:
The Thesis, Calvin Valentine, China-Marie, Stevo The Weirdo, Matty, Verbz. Tickets $5

Hip-Hop. The good stuff. The Thesis started as a collaboration between radio guy Blake Hickman, turntable artist Verbz and other rapper friends. They decided to put on a show when Portland venues watered down hip-hop shows by putting them on the bill with other genres. Now The Thesis is Portland’s best monthly hip hop showcase. This week is adding a little Cali sunshine to the mix for a very high edition of The Thesis.

Friday April 8th

KPSU’s Live Friday
Tribe Mars. FREE!

Ok, a little bias here. I host this show every Friday on KPSU with a different band performing in studio. This week Tribe Mars performs. They’re a funky R&B band with some serious Jazz influences. Stoked to have these guys play on air. PSUtv will be live streaming video of them too: at 5pm.

Secret Society Ballroom 116 NE Russell St
Tiny Little Empire, There is No Mountain, No Fancy. Tickets $5

The only band on this bill I know of is There is No Mountain. They alone are worth going to see. Reading the bits online about the other 2 bands sound pretty promising though.

There is No Mountain is a husband-wife duo performing indie/folk/experimental/I-don’t-know-how-to-describe-them. All kinds of cool influences on their music. You may have heard them under a previous incarnation: Aesthetic Junkies. A lot more African rhythms and experimental influences than their previous band.

Panic Room 310 NE Sandy
The Shrike, Fortune’s Folly, Demain. Tickets $8

Hard/Alt/Thrash rock. Get your headbanging needs worked out here.

Saturday April 9th

Firkin Tavern. FREE!
Pinehurst Kids, Buttercup, Echopurr

The Firkin is a dive bar that has a booking agent with excellent music taste. I don’t think the Firkin ever charges for shows.

Pinehurst Kids have been around the Portland music scene forever. One of the most underappreciated bands in my opinion. They blend indie-rock with grunge in a non-ironic non-nostalgic way. It’s garage-pop for when you need upbeat and hard rock in a single serving.

Waypost 3120 N Williams Ave
Garlic Man & Chikn, The Toads, Garanzuay. FREE!

The Toads neatly fit into the box labeled “rock music”. They blend a range of styles into a danceable head boppin good time.

Sunday April 10th

Ash Street 225 SW Ash
Summer Cannibals music video shoot. FREE!

They’ll actually be performing but need extras to help fill out the crowd scenes for their music video. FREE pizza and beer! Must be over 21 to have said beer. Shooting between Noon and 5:30pm. Email krs at killrockstars dot com to get in on the fun

Rontoms 600 E Burnside St. FREE! 
Every Sunday night show is free at Rontoms BTW.

I’ve yet to see a bad show here. It’s one of those places you can randomly go to without knowing who’s playing and be sure it’ll be worth your time. Besides how can you complain about a free show?

Ranger Station SE  43rd & Hawthorne 
Pat Kearns. FREE!

Pat Kearns will still perform his solo stuff here on Sunday nights but on April 10th his video for So Long City will be showing after he plays. Pat Kearns is the front man of Blue Skies for Black Hearts with Greg Odell of The Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers and Susan Kearns of The Cool Whips.  David Ricardo (The Zags, The Cool Whips) helped engineer. Enough name dropping, go see it.

Doug Fir Lounge 830 E Burnside
Shook Twins, Mama Doll. Tickets $20

The Shook Twins are a sister duo from Idaho that tour through Portland on the regular. It’s Indie Folk done right. Upbeat with great harmonies. Experimental influences with the occasional beatboxing and operatic vocals. It’s tough to describe so you know it’s original. I know nothing about Mama Doll but since they’re on a bill with the Shook Twins I’m sure they’re worth your time too.





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