Concert Review: The Wrecks, Dreamers, New Politics

Written by on March 6, 2018

To begin this concert review I have to say, WOW. Never have I ever seen two opening acts that complimented the Headlining Band so well.

The Wrecks were the perfect beginning to the show. From the moment they stepped on-stage the energy was high and the audience was dancing, despite the band having such a small space to work with! Their opening song described their energy very well– Turn It Up. They sang songs from their first EP and their second one after “turning it up:” Don’t Like It, Panic Vertigo, Way With Words, James Dean, Life, and Favorite Liar. I can only imagine the kind of high energy and fun one would have at a concert where The Wrecks were the Headlining Band– I would be there in a heart beat.

Dreamers were psychedelic. Their cool energy somehow calmed and built anticipation for the next band. The audience was loving them, one girl called out that the band members were hot and their responding quip was “It is hot in here.” They did a cover of Zombie by The Cranberries that was very powerful after singing a song they just wrote called “Bleed Through”about suicide. These subjects are tough to discuss but this band does so with heart and understanding.

New Politics, what more can be said other than they are a truly balanced band and that is something all artists should aspire to. The beauty of this band is they truly love touring. They pay attention to the audience and feed off their energy, as David Boyd said after singing Lifeboat, “I guess what they say is true, the biggest crowds don’t have to be the loudest.” The best part was hearing songs from all 4 of their albums, not just the one the tour was named for. I would like to note that seeing their main singer do a back flip and their guitarist throw his guitar in the air and catch it was also very impressive and only excited the audience more.

My favorite reoccurring event? The girl who was passing roses to the bands. Each singer accepted it graciously; while Dreamers took the rose and sprinkled it back to the audience, New Politics rocked with it too hard and the head fell off the stem– that was a sight to behold.

The Lost in Translation tour is continuing through the end of March. I would highly suggest seeing it if you love bands that truly complement each other and are excited at the prospect of a fun night:






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