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Written by on March 15, 2014

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I’ve long said that being attractive is SO helpful in being successful. Not essential, but it makes it easier. Con Bro Chill proves my point.  

Here are Con Bro Chill’s priorities: 

Step 1: Strap on some neon/ridiculous

Step 2: Party, dance the night away, have fun

You would never guess that a band like this is from Portland. They are COMPLETELY lacking in pretension. There is no one at the show who cares how ridiculous they look or thinks it’s possible to be self conscious about themselves at a CBC show. We all need more of this in our life. The concert was like being a molecule inside a tab of Ex. Happy, colorful, sensory focused and FUN! 

The show had: great color, an energetic performance, the crowd vibe was SO positive and happy. The music was  definitely second, maybe third to the party/dance vibe. But the bands intention and crowd’s matched perfectly. So perfectly that it didn’t matter. Ever seen a keytar played live? Well they play one on stage! Coming from a metal/rock show background, this show was unlike any other i’ve been to and it was great in it’s own way. No broody, elbowy rock snobs here! 

CBC was founded by two brothers, one of which (Conor Martin) is a professional LaCrosse player. Con Bro chill started out as his alter ego and his brother Sam made ridiculous Youtube videos based on it. That’s how it all began and how it ends is: a room full of happy, bare chested people in neon colors jumping, fist pumping, popping dreamy obliques, spring breaking, America fuck yeahing all over! Oh and COD PIECES!! 

It's a lot like this:

You should hang out with them. Possibly at Gresham Skate World!:





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