City Mouth Plays Live Fridays! Dropping Gems Releases their 17th Podcast

Written by on December 2, 2011

I recently stumbled on Portland’s record label for all things electronic, Dropping Gems. Built originally by a few college students in Bellingham as more of a blog, DP has gained international attention. They are quite possibly more viral that a You-Tube video of kittens playing in a box. There newest release is the 17th edition of a podcast series which seems to typically be a mixed release but boasts a 26 track split between “two Portland deejay / producer extraordinaires,” Roane and Rap Class
I’ve been listening it for the past thirty minutes and I can vouch I feel more fresh than a morning shower to an Outcast track.
City Mouth Released the Holodecker EP in March earlier this year. You can check it out here: I recommend Fingercrampz.
He’ll be playing these tracks and more on KPSU’s Live Friday tonight at 5pm you can tune in at
Dropping gems offered up a pair of tickets to tomorrow nights event featuring Teebs,Natasha Kmeto, DTCPU, Ghost Feet, Timeboy, Brownbear and Citymouth. Call in during Live Fridays to get your self and a friend into the show. The last DP event I attended killed all expectations and highly impressed, I doubt this one will be any less amazing. Plus, if you’ve never been to the Groove Suite tomorrow is certainly the time to.





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