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Cass McCombs, an American singer-songwriter, has been performing and releasing music since 2002, including an EP and seven albums. His folk-rock, psychedelic love songs are what quickly make him an admirable musician by many. Creatively, McCombs has been on a consistent rise with his music and eloquent lyrics. With every album McCombs releases, his beautiful, alternative country, love songs retains the interest of his lovers.

Without any hesitation, one can easily agree that Cass McCombs creates brilliant music in this day and age. If not, sit someone down and have them listen to one of McCombs’ songs and that individual will be transfixed with his luscious, organic sensations. McCombs’ raw, unrefined music technique is what allows many music lovers to enjoy one, or all seven of his well developed albums. I have found love, fallen out love and established love within myself, all while being exposed to the music of Cass McCombs. My only desire is that others will feel the same sense of self discovery

McCombs’ most recent album, Big Wheel and Others, was released off of Domino Records in 2013. This is an 80-minute album of fresh sounds that have been possibly influenced by the history of Northern California. What makes this album incredibly mesmerizing are the snippets of a 1969 documentary, Sean, a 4-year-old boy living in Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco. The opening track, “Sean I,” is under a minute long and you hear Sean explaining his surprising drug use. Soon after, we are introduced to the following track, “Big Wheel,” with western influenced sounds that have you imagining truck stops, driving alone in a desert, and the smell of gasoline and tires burning. (“I dig/ The taste of diesel and the sound of big rigs/ Rubber, metal, oil and stone/Scoring at truck stops, lot lizards and driving far alone”). “Morning Star,” a personal favorite of mine, encases comforting elements of darkness and love and nostalgia of a past life of mine. The melodies of this song are earthy with dark tones and lustful lyrics. (“Wring my neck under your thighs/ All the world loves a surprise/ Bright, terrifying and bizarre/ Golden Lucifer, the Morningstar”).

Karen Black, who was an American actress and singer-songwriter, has been featured in previous works with Cass McCombs. In Big Wheel and Others, Black sings “Brighter!” A song that encompasses the mysteries of knowing which direction to go in life. This song is beautiful and haunting simultaneously as you hear Black’s warm vocals. (“I stopped in for a little while/ And learned a host of sings/ I wandered off a little while/ Because you can’t never win”).

Black passed away in August of 2013 and McCombs dedicated his album, Big Wheel and Others to her memory. McCombs also dedicated a music video of “Brighter!” for Black, where we are shown clips of her career as an actress and singer-songwriter.

Cass McCombs is playing with The Meat Puppets this Saturday, December 6th at The Doug Fir Lounge. This event is 21+ Doors: 8:00pm/ Show: 9:00pm.

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