Bands in a Van on Prepsters in Polos 6/18

Written by on June 15, 2014

As a leading college station in Portland with its own soon to be FM dial, I believe that one of KPSU’s primary focuses should be geared towards the local music scene and its burgeoning talents. One of my friends, Ashley K., recently reached out to me about a project her friend, Blake Baxter, and a few others started called “Bands in a Van.”


I’m sure they’ll be able to better articulate what their mission and purpose is during their interview with me this Tuesday afternoon, but from what I’ve gathered, it looks like they are all about promoting local acts through a web series they’ve started on Youtube. As their Kickstarter page states, “Our #1 goal is to help local acts promote themselves and present their material to a wider audience.”

Just yesterday, they launched their first episode featuring local band, Greyman Clinic.

On Wednesday, June 18th, at 2pm PST on KPSU.ORG, I will be airing a pre-recorded interview with the crew in which they talk about their origins, the Portland music scene, their Kickstarter campaign, and the future of Bands in a Van. To find out more about this project, please visit: and their [url=] Kickstarter page [/url]





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